Patient Priority and
Vacancy Management

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Strata Health Offers Configurable Algorithms
to Help Facilitate Patient Choice and Priority.

Strata Health’s configurable algorithms can recommend patient, referral and choice priority, facilitate bi-directional negotiation on that recommendation, and manage waitlists/capacities centrally or distributed by provider.

Automated waitlisting/capacity placement, priority setting and negotiation, as well as vacancy management promote equity of access and provide an audit trail of the decision-making process. 

With almost 20 years of global experience in managing placements, capacities, and ranked waitlisting, Strata Health is ready to meet the needs of health systems and evolving legislative environments.


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NOTE: We are a software solutions company, and are often confused for Strata Health Group;  a health insurance provider in the USA. They have recently rebranded themselves as Adroit Health and you can find them here.