Our Impact

Avoidable Delays and Length of Stay

Strata Health’s end-to-end referral software quickly
and efficiently matches patients to appropriate
and available post-acute care providers


Utilizing real-time data to automate patient-provider
matching, Strata Health provides full transparency
into post-acute care options

Patient Choice

By leveraging real-time data and a simple patient
tablet application, Strata Health ensures patients
are hands-on in their care.

Provider Network Management

Strata Health automates network management
with real-time, complete information.

Transitions of Care

Strata Health’s referral software leverages intelligent
patient-provider matching algorithms to improve
patient transitions across the care continuum.

Siloed Systems

With healthcare data flowing through it, Strata Health’s
integration engine eases connections, and ushers
information between the most critical applications
care navigators depend on.

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NOTE: We are a software solutions company, and are often confused for Strata Health Group;  a health insurance provider in the USA. They have recently rebranded themselves as Adroit Health and you can find them here.