Support Patient Choice with Strata Health's New Patient-Facing Application

Transparency empowers patients to make better choices about their health and care, encourages ethical behaviour across the entire health care system, and increases trust between patients, clinicians, and the organizations they rely on.

Improving transparency and supporting patient choice is one of the key purposes of Strata Health’s recommendation algorithm, which is at the heart of the long-term care workflows that our global customers have been using for nearly two decades.
With the acquisition of SilverSearch™, we are proud to bring our customers a new patient-facing application that enables a thoughtful and interactive approach to identify preferences and ensure informed-decision making for higher-quality care.
Our application provides a platform for patients to participate more actively in their care. We make it easy for patients, families, caregivers, and navigating clinicians to review appropriate long-term care facilities and make ranked selections, based on key decision and performance points, like:
  • Amenities
  • Wait times
  • Facility ratings
  • Location
  • Images
Fuelled by the passion and experience of our people, Strata Health has delivered innovative, customized, and sustainable patient flow solutions for nearly twenty years. If you’re looking to integrate information, empower patient-facing choice, and build trust through transparency, we are here to help.
To learn more about Strata Health’s suite of end-to-end referral solutions and waitlist management tools, or to find out how you can get access to our patient-facing application and additional enhancements, contact us today

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