Strata Health Launches an eConsultation PathWay, Providing Physicians with Rapid Access to Specialist Advice

Strata Health Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of an eConsultation (eConsults) setup to its suite of intelligent, digital health, software solutions. eConsults enable physicians to quickly consult with specialists about patient care in a safe and secure manner.

Access to specialist care continues to be a significant challenge facing the health care system across Canada as per a recent report from the Fraser Institute (May 2021) health care wait times | Fraser Institute.

eConsults have been shown to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve referral efficiency via collaborative communication between physicians, provide education to the requesting medical community, and ultimately improve the patient experience.   These benefits result in decreasing wait times for specialists in a meaningful way.

COVID-19 has been a powerful catalyst for unprecedented change and innovation in health care delivery methods, and the need for online access to specialty care has grown considerably. eConsultation functionality provides:

  • Direct, rapid, and documented communication between physicians and specialists.
  • Minimizing in-person contact.
  • Reduction of time for accessing specialist advice, which ultimately leads to implementing collaborative care sooner for the patient.

“We are excited to provide physicians with the tools they need to connect with specialists, optimize their operations, and better serve their patients, said Peter Smith, President and CEO of Strata Health Solutions. “Adding an eConsults to our existing suite of software solutions broadens our ability to help patients and caregivers navigate our new normal and beyond.”

To learn more about eConsults and whether it is an appropriate option in your practice, you can request a demo by filling out the form below.

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NOTE: We are a software solutions company, and are often confused for Strata Health Group;  a health insurance provider in the USA. They have recently rebranded themselves as Adroit Health and you can find them here.