Press Release: Strata Health Integrates with EPIC HIS

This new integration will allow hospital users to send a patient record from the EPIC HIS system to Strata Pathways to create a patient profile. This will start the encounter for that patient, allowing the user to begin the referral process with the recently created profile without having to enter the patient information manually.

Since 2001, Strata Health has been developing and delivering custom software for health and social services which has helped over 1.2 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. The intelligent software creates transparency between traditionally segregated care settings, allowing clinical users to quickly match and refer patients to the best possible care option based on their specific needs.

The proprietary solutions are used by provincial and regional health authorities across Canada, the UK, Australia and France with such clients as Alberta Health Services, Toronto Central LHIN and NHS Cumbria seeing dramatic results in operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Strata Health is a privately held company with a head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and satellite offices that support their international operations.

Downloadable EPIC Integration Press Release July 2017