News: Strata Health Solutions and UHN win the 2015 Project Team Implementation

Strata Health Solutions would like to recognize the University Health Network (UHN – SIMS) for winning the “Project Implementation Team Award” for the implementation of an electronic resource matching and referral system (RM&R) to send and receive adult inpatient palliative care referrals for 14 organizations in Toronto.

In collaboration, Strata Health Solutions and SIMS have made an outstanding contribution to adult inpatient palliative care in Toronto. Their teamwork means clinicians no longer have to rely on faxes, phone calls or emails to refer a palliative patient. All the required information is housed in RM&R, with clinicians able to respond to referral requests in real time and accelerate the acceptance process. They can also view a patient’s status through the application and make timely decisions.

More info about the awards.

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