Cumbria County Council Digitises Process for Reporting Adult Safeguarding Concerns Using Strata PathWays



(January 2022) Strata Health is pleased to announce the implementation of Strata Pathways into the Cumbria County Council reporting process for Adult Safeguarding Concerns.

Through the utilisation of Strata PathWays, users will be supported to send secure, accurate and high-quality referrals. This implementation will lead to better response times from the safeguarding team, as well as access to valuable data that can help guide decision-making.

Future plans include expansion of the pathway to the Council’s Adult Social Care system (Liquid Logic), allowing for automatic communication on the outcome of a referral back to the referrer. This expansion will provide assurance to referrers that their referral has been assessed and, if necessary, acted upon.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners in the Cumbria region to establish innovative processes and tools that improve care in their communities.

About Cumbria County Council

 Cumbria County Council serves the people of Cumbria and is responsible for strategic local community services, including education, youth services, social services and town and country planning.

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